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Friends Only

Forgot who made the banner. I credit whoever made it! I'm sure I'll find their post with the image again sometime.
I basically friend anybody if they friend me back and promise to do these two things:
  • No chatspeak for every single word in how you type. I don't even know if it's possible but I think it could be. I don't mind if you use the ones people usually see like ‘BTW’ or ‘lol’. But when you start substituting numbers for letters all the time, I start to worry.
  • We have some of the same interests listed on my profile.

    A little more about the Canuck named Wild for those who are interested.Collapse )
    Oh if you watched Doctor Who this weekend you'll know what this post is gonna be about. Or if you someone got your hands on it before the N. American premiere like I did... *cough*Megtotallywastheonewholinkedmethesite*cough*
    But before I do that I've been curious about something. It's been bothering me as I'm studying. The words 'vase' and 'issue'. I bring this up only because I noticed that the British accent makes the word "saw" sound, un-saw like. Noticed this as I watched Dr. Who and then during my Social problems class where my professor is from England, somewhere in London I believe. This ties into the word 'vase' because apparently we Canadians say it funny, vāz. I sometimes use that but usually I stick with the British way. What people should be more concerned about are weirder pronunciations of simple words like "roof", not "ruff", and issue, that rhymes with tissue. Last semester my Intro to Sociology instructor always said issue like that, it drove me mad! So what I wanna know is how do you say the word 'vase' and is the Canadian way of saying it weird?


    Moving on to Doctor Who!

    He's bonkers with grace.Collapse )

    And in a few days time I shall see you all again after my exams. Or when I procrastinate again and write another review on a TV show.

    Friends Cut

    If you can't see the entry after this one it means you didn't make the first ever friends cut. I'm sorry. =(
    But I did a small little cut today clearing out old LJs that a person hasn't updated in years or close too. If we weren't mutual friends and weren't speaking much in the first place I unclicked you. The same goes for RL friends, I love you guys but I just need a piece of the 'net that can be mine. Besides we have facebook. (RL friends as in people who I know from school and such.)

    I doubt anyone will respond to this but if you want back on just leave a comment to this entry.

    Yay! First DW Post!

    I'm [info]wildealf over here at DW and I got an account thanks to Isha aka [info]ubiquitous_girl!!! *TACKLES WITH LOVE*

    You know a random thought occurred to me. LJ and DW are like the Blue and Red version of Pokémon. Really! If you think about it LJ is Blue, the version which was more popular on everyone got. Then DW is the Red version which was like the little less awesome brother of Blue. Yeah I got the red version as a child and I wanted Blue so badly mainly because I loved Squirtle and blue was my favourite colour. But noooo Mike got it because Red was somehow too girly! Anyway, I came up with that at 9am this morning before crashing since I was up all night watching Season 3 of The Office and then cleaning my room.

    So yeah, as for my username... I was gonna go with just 'wild' but it felt so short and unnatural and I love my pen name/username of "Wild E. ALF". Oh and another thought, whenever I saw or see DW shortened for DreamWidth I think of the character from the kids books Arthur. (Who was in the official book club in grades 2-3!?!? I WAS!!!)

    And I'm off to help Kristina clean up for a party at her house... yep life shall be good because while I'm there I shall get my Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town back! YAY! Ohhh I'm such a dork. -.-;

    "Permanent" by David Cook

    I figured that since we might not get our next single or music video from Cookie in awhile I'd make one myself. I never knew that the song was about his brother and his battle with cancer so when I heard about this I scrapped my original concept of the video and stayed true to it. So I guess this dedicated to all where cancer or something horrible has happened to someone we hold close to our hearts.

    WARNING FOR YOU ALL edited and passed

    Sorry for the caps but I had to get your attention. Now that I do please read on.

    There is this lovely bunch of people who are invading your privacy on LJ. They have created this "LJ Find" where you can type in anybody's username and be able to see ALL of their entires. Appearntly every Lj user is in this unless you tell them to remove you. Meg jadedquill informed me about this morning and both of us left a comment and are now off of their list index thing.
    So if your LJ is private and you don't want some random person or people you don't want to read it LEAVE A COMMENT HERE. They'll take you off after you comment there. And now I'm suppressing the urge to swear like a madman and punch a hole in the wall.

    They finally realised their mistake with their progarm so you guys are safe with your FO posts and stuff like that. The link will just lead you to the bulletin that they posted when they edited the post yesterday Dec. 11th. I wasn't on at all yesterday so I only saw it today the 12th. I would strike out the tita e of the post I have here but appearntly HTML doesn't work in the subject box. So I'm leaving the caps if you like it or not.

    Magical Career Test Meme What Will I Be?

    I'm stealing this from jadedquill already. It's just to good to pass up!
    1. Go here.
    2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
    3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
    4. Post the top ten fifteen results.

    1.Music Teacher / Instructor
    3.Computer Trainer
    4.Film and TV Crew
    5.Horse Trainer
    6.Lighting Technician
    8.Speech-Language Pathologist
    10.Corporate Trainer
    12.ESL Teacher
    13.Foreign Language Instructor
    14.Special Effects Technician
    15.Occupational Therapist

    It was actually accurate! Although I want to just be a musician but teaching privately would be good to if people would actually trust my skills. I saved the entire list to my computer because my 21st choice was a to be a STUNTMAN! That would me so frickin cool! But being a Horse trainer is also cool as well. Foreign Language Instructor should be out of there unless they think Canadian is another type of language. (Hey at least they got the Comedian part right too! XD I keel myself!) I'm not really surprised that most of my results are dealing with either some from of drama or music since that's what I do good in and would love to purse after High School. I feel tempted now to go and find out what my other career choices are when I took another test for CALM.